When selecting a monument or marker, the first thing we will assist with in finding out what cemetery it is at and what restrictions and guidelines that cemetery has in place.  All cemeteries have different rules and regulations.

Once we know what can be used, we will determine what style and color fits you and your family’s wants and budget.  There are several styles and colors available, and we large inventory for you to choose from or can order any combination you would like.

Bevels are a very nice and economical way to mark a grave. Bevels have a slight pitch to them and typically are 6”-8” thick. These are available in sizes 16”-48” wide.

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Grass Markers are a very nice and economical way to mark a grave. Grass Markers sit flush to the ground, and are 4” thick. Sizes range from 12”- 48” wide.

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Monuments have the most options to them. All monuments come with a top piece and a base. Monuments come in 6” and 8” thickness, and range from 24”-60” wide and 20”-28” in height. Monuments also have the polish options. They can be purchased with only the front and back polished (polish 2); Front, Back, and Top polished (Polish 3); or Front, Back, Top, and Sides Polished (Polish 5)

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Slants are very similar to a bevel, except the slant has a steeper pitch to it. Slants typically sit 12”-18” high. These are also available in sizes 16”-48” wide. Additionally slants can be bought with only polished front (most commonly used), or can customize to have sides, top and even back polished as well.

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